25.04.2018 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on WEDNESDAY EVENING


Hello everyone, Today began with our tour to the General Service office. Meeting the staff was so very exciting as well as seeing their work areas. The best was seeing the Archives displayed of just about everything you could imagine pertaining to the history of what we hold dear to ourselves. These photographs and others will be seen when I give my report to you all. We began the conference process with each Pacific Region Area’s nominee for the next Pac. Region Trustee. The emotions of presenting our choice, Dolores E. was such a warm feeling from inside.  I am happy to announce that are next Pacific Region Trustee is Kathi F. from Area 3 Arizona. We all gathered together and called her to announce to her that she had been chosen. The voting process of the Agenda Topics began next and was very exciting as the GSC is using an electronic process for this. Time is so valuable and this is one way of saving that.  We were only able to cover two of the conference committee items and will resume with the remaining ones in the morning. Today I was able to share at the microphone our area’s views on these as well. I will say goodnight now, In Love and Service, Allen D.

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21.04.2018 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on NIGHT BEFORE THE OPENING


Hello Area 92, It has been an interesting couple of days. We landed at Laguardia airport Thursday afternoon at 4:30 est., 2 1/2 hrs later we had made it to the Crown Plaza Hotel in Time Square. The sites were beyond amazing and the people well there’s a lot of them, everywhere. Friday morning when I had awakened my body was saying “NO” not yet! WE met with Joel C. in the lobby with all of the Pacific Region Delegates. Getting reacquainted with some old friends and making new ones was the highpoint of the day. We took a subway to the GSO and attended the 475 meeting.  Introductions, a 20 min. speaker and some time for questions and answers. What an amazing feeling stating that I was here from WSEA 92 as I’m sure all of the Panel 68 Delegates were feeling. We headed back to Time Square with Bob H. Area 17 Delegate from Hawaii and others. Best person to be with as he is originally from the New York area. Today we started off with a quick bite to eat and took the Historical tour throughout Brooklyn and Queens seeing a couple of great sites. I’ll keep away from to much description as this will be shared in my Delegates Report when we return. What an exciting Read the full article…

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18.04.2018 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on NIGHT BEFORE


Good evening everyone, As the title states, It’s is the night before my flight to the 68th General Service Conference in New York City. I would like to thank the entire body of Area 92 for their work with the GSC Agenda Topics.  A Big “Thank You” to Dist. 26 for hosting our Pre- conference Assembly last weekend in beautiful Libby Montana. Appreciate all of the good feedback from each of our districts trusted servants. It’s been busy for myself in preparation for this unbelievable part of my journey. Getting last minute details taken care of for most of the day. Beginning my morning with GSC emails, Area 92 emails along with flight arrangements and yes, mowing the lawn. Oh ya, packing my luggage as well. My wife has been so excited that she has been packed for a week or two already.  I have had little difficulty in preparing for a weekend Assembly in the past, but for 9 days all the way across the nation hasn’t been easy. This being my first adventure east of Billings Montana has added more butterflies on top of the ones I have already been experiencing in the past week. My service sponsor asked me the other day, “Allen, what are you going to do at this years conference”? I thought for a Read the full article…

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