18.04.2015 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on Conference Post 4.18.15

Conference Post 4.18.15

Dear Friends, I did not post last night as internet was not working well.  The conference has not yet begun but already I have had numerous spiritual experiences. Yesterday some of us went to the GSO Archives and then attended the Friday morning meeting at GSO.  Then we ate in the cafeteria downstairs in the same building.  We must have talked for 2 hrs then we all went different directions.  Fred and I returned to the hotel and then went out for a long walk.  Last night we went to the Musical Jersey Boys and then went out for a nice dinner.  This morning the Pacific Region Delegates and some others along with our Pacific Region Trustee met in the h0tel lobby at 8:15am and boarded a tour bus for a historical tour with a GSO Manager who is now 88 years old and doesn’t miss a beat.  He smokes the biggest cigars I have ever seen and there must be something the matter with me because they smelled really good!  He took us to Towns Hospital, 182 Clinton Street where Ebby visited Bill.  We also saw the home where Bill & Lois lived when he was riding high in the stock market.  We drove by Central Park, went past the Roosevelt Hotel where 35 Generals Services Conferences were held and Read the full article…

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16.04.2015 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on Greetings from New York City

Greetings from New York City

Hi Friends, After getting up at 2am yesterday morning to catch the 6am flight out of Wenatchee we arrived in Newark NJ at 4:15pm.  There was  a major protest in Times Square yesterday over the minimum wage here.  They want Seattle’s minimum wage of $15.  While this is an outside issue it made for a 3 hour shuttle ride to the Crown Plaza.  After we had  some dinner and put our clothes away we went to bed.  This morning we didn’t get around until 10am and the took the subway to the 911 memorial and exhibit.  A sobering experience.  We were there for 3 hours, did some shopping and then went to dinner with Bruce D, thee delegate area 2 Alaska and his wife.  I am now back in our room to get a good nights sleep so I am rested when the conference begins.  Tomorrow several of us will meet up in the lobby to take the subway to GSO.  We will be attending the regular Friday morning A.A meeting at GSO.  I have to go now my husband just came back with ice cream and I don’t want it to melt.  Hugs to you all, Dolores

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03.06.2014 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on June Delegate Corner Report

June Delegate Corner Report

Hello, Just a quick posting to let you all know things have been really hopping for me since early February.  This is such a great opportunity to be of service to area92 and AA as a whole.  Since returning from the conference last month I spent some time preparing my delegate report presentation and to date have visited Chelan (districts 5, 12, 19 and 23 ) and Yakima (districts 6, 20, and 11).  I also attended the Hispanic Convention in Wenatchee on Saturday, May 24th and once again they were so welcoming to me.  I serve on the Pacific Region Delegate Advisory Board for PRAASA (PDAB) and we have begun regular conference calls to address how the Board can be most helpful to the PRAASA Host Committees as well as the PRAASA body.  Should you have concerns, recommendations, ideas that you would like us to consider and report to the PRAASA body next March, you may let me know and I will be happy to pass them along.  Hopefully, many of you are planning to attend PRAASA 2015 in Layton UT the 1st full weekend in March.  Also, don’t forget the Pacific Northwest Conference June 20 – 23 in Spokane and the Pacific Regional Forum in Boise ID the weekend of July 11th – 13th.  Flyers for both of those events Read the full article…

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02.05.2012 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on Delegate’s Report Schedule

Delegate’s Report Schedule

See the attached schedule (PDF) for our Delegate giving the Delegate’s report

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21.03.2012 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on Grapevine Newsletter – March 2012

Grapevine Newsletter – March 2012

Read the latest from the Grapevine: March 2012 Newsletter (PDF)

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28.11.2011 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on A.A.W.S. Highlights – 10.27.2011

A.A.W.S. Highlights – 10.27.2011

Download the A.A.W.S. highlights below (PDF) English | Spanish | French

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21.09.2011 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on A.A.W.S. Highlights

A.A.W.S. Highlights

A.A.W.S. Highlights – English | French | Spanish

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22.07.2011 Delegate's Corner Comments Off on Final Report – Pacific Regional Forum

Final Report – Pacific Regional Forum

Final Report – Pacific Regional Forum (PDF) – August 27-29, 2010 – Torrance, CA.

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